Today we share some of our performances with installation in Taiwan by our distributor. You can see these beautiful photos are installed in shopping mall,automatic door, IKEA, hospital, government store and so on. As you can see that we are professional that most of buildings like to use KTH in Taiwan. Moreover, over 90% market share of KTH automatic door that also can easily prove KTH’s QUALITY are been highly identified in Taiwan. By the way, all of our workers are proud of ourselves while seeing or passing KTH’s Automatic Door due to our hard and attentive work. Therefore, please kindly feel our heart and give you best service.

Our office will be closed from October 17 to October 21 due to the business trip.
We apologize for making you incovenience and if you have any question,Automatic door history, please help to call or mail us in advance.
We will immediately service everything once we come back from Oct. 22.
Thank you for your always support.

Let’s show you our super heavy door (S-80) that with high quality, safety, and practicality. KTH super heavy door arrange in DC320W brushless DC motor,Automatic door history, it’s powerful that can bear the weight of 5000kgs with single door and 4000kgs with bi-parting door. Moreover, due to the risk of quality,automatic door, we test so many times and regulate into the best product for customers. Therefore, lots of our customers are satisfied with S-80. Furthermore, it is always installed in factory, airport, and warehouse.

If you need this kind of doors, just inquiry and we will give you the best service.